About Numeric Citizen I/O

This blog is hosted on Blot.im, a static web site generator. Content is published by syncing a folder on my computer. I like the principle of having my content sitting on my own computer. I have a better sense of owning it. This is a frictionless publishing process: simpler than with Micro.blog and much simpler than with WordPress.

I’m using a GIT repo to manage it’s content and push it to Blot.im. I’m still undecided regarding the GIT client to use. I’m currently using Nova 5.0 for now (I’m a Big Mac user, an Apple fan too). I will probably buy it after the trial period, but I feel it is a bit overkill for the task. I did try Microsoft Visual Studio Code to edit files but I don’t like its design and it feel overwhelming to me. I’m also considering Sourcetree, a free GIT client for the Mac. So far, it isn’t working on my M1-based Mac mini1. I could go all command-line only too. The best solutions are sometimes the best one. Read more about Git clients in this blog post.

For pure text editing, I prefer to use Ulysses, an excellent text editor for writers. I prefer this tool when I want to immerse myself for writing.

RSS feed is managed automatically for me as well as website searching.

Blot.im supports many analytics services. I’m using Plausible. You can see this blog analytics, because I’m cool. 😎

Finally, I’m using Commento to enable user comments, here is why. You can have your voice here. I’m paying for this service. Please, don’t be afraid to comment or engage discussion.

  1. An update has been posted and fixes the problem, but this client only works with Bitbucket.↩︎