2021-03-04 11:30

This Blog Uses Commento - Here Is Why

When I created Numeric Citizen I/O blog, I thought it would need a way for visitors to be able to leave comments as they see fit. I decided to go the Commento route because of its tight integration with Blot, but also for a more profound reason: privacy protection. According to Commento’s website:

Commento is more than just a comments widget you can embed — it’s a return to the roots of the internet. An internet without the tracking and invasions of privacy. An internet that is simple and lightweight. An internet that is focused on interesting discussions, not ads. A better internet.

There is no ads with Commento, so no need to track users. The weight of the script needed to add Commento support is light. Commento is easy to use for end-users and doesn’t require an account to publish a comment. But, if you prefer, you can use your Twitter account, your Google account, your Github account, etc to identify yourself with the service before posting your comments. The design is nice, simple. Commento is not a free service, I’m paying for it: $99/year. That’s the price that I’m willing to pay so my readers aren’t tracked.

Enabling Commento on this blog was dead simple

You want to try the end-user experience? Please, respond to this blog post, you’ll see. Thanks in advance.

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