2021-03-30 08:00

A Quick Overview of My Craft Workflow

This article is about my Craft workflow which is behind any article, short or longer, I share online. Here is what happens when I just got a new post idea.

  1. In Apple’s Reminders.app, Create an entry and set priority and desired or expected date of publication if known.
  2. In Craft, create a new document, set the title and then copy the document’s deeplink to the clipboard.
  3. Still within Craft, move the newly created document in the appropriate folder.
  4. Still within Craft, add an entry in My Publishing Pipeline which is available for the public from the The Numeric Citizen Digital Garden.
  5. Return to Apple’s Reminders and paste the Deeplink in the URL field. Really handy to jump from Reminders to Craft with a single tap.

At this point, I can start my research, writing and editing of my article or blog post in Craft. Now, here is what happens after publishing my article:

  1. Mark Reminder item as done.
  2. Mark item as completed in My Publishing Pipeline
  3. Copy the article’s permalink URL to The Numeric Citizen Digital Garden in the appropriate section.
  4. Monitor the appropriate RSS feed for quality control. See this article about subscribing to my own RSS feeds.

There you have it. Craft plays a central role in my blogger and content creator workflow. This blog post expose what happens at the beginning and at the end of a new post idea. I hope you enjoyed.

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