2021-03-25 07:45

Which App or Service Is Best?

Recently, I had a chance to read and participate in two different discussions about which app, feature or service is better for a specific task or use case. In the first case, someone was asking about Ulysses handling of Markdown links. The question triggered a really enlightening discussion about how Ulysses, and many more writing apps for that matter, was good or not at certain things like Markdown handling in general1. On the second case, Lee Peterson expose his disdain for being forced into using the block-based Gutenberg editor, replacing the venerable classic editor. Again, a simple blog post triggering a great exchange about where WordPress seems to be heading2.

On the subject of Ulysses, I usually like the way Ulysses handles Markdown. I prefer not seeing Markdown tags while writing in Ulysses. But, I would certainly like to see an option where we can toggle this feature on and off, in which case Markdown would be shown in all its glory. On the Gutenberg editor, I must say that I didn’t like it at first. Eventually, it grew on me and today I wouldn’t go back. Block-based editor is also the way Craft is doing its magic.

At the end of the day, It doesn’t matter who’s right or who’s wrong, as long as everybody finds their best app for the task at hand.

  1. I’m a big fan of Ulysses, but sure there are areas where improvements would be welcomed. Once such example is the publishing workflow.↩︎

  2. The idea of introducing Stories on WordPress.com is simply stupid. I don’t want WordPress to copy Snapchat or Instagram.↩︎


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