2021-03-21 21:00

Guilty of Numeric Narcissism — Why I Subscribe to My Own RSS Feeds

Did you know that I subscribe to my own RSS feed? Yep, the one that are automatically generated from my own websites. Why, you might ask? Well, there are a few reasons for this seemingly narcissist behaviour.

Reason #1: I want to see what my readers are seeing from their preferred RSS readers. I think it’s important to get a sense of what people are seeing from their perspective. I cannot count how many issues I found with my content or feeds this way. I use News Explorer1, Reeder2, Newsify and lately I added NetNewsWire.

Looking at my own RSS feed content from Reeder on Mac

Reason #2: It’s a good way to test RSS reader apps. For the purpose of looking at my own content, the winner is Newsify. The following screenshot shows my preferred view setting. All the feeds items are intertwined. Content is shown from the most recent to the older content. It’s like reading a newspaper. My RSS feeds are setup to publish posts content entirely; no excerpt. Since I don’t allow ads on my websites, it doesn’t matter if readers are not hitting my websites directly and stay in their RSS readers to consume my content.

Looking at my own RSS feed content from Newsify on Mac

Reason #3: From time to time, I do take a screenshot for my archives. These are important to me. One day, I’ll look back and be able to see what it was like to be a content creator. On my iPad, I have a shortcut that helps me to automate a portion of this task. with the upcoming iOS 14.5, there is a new shortcut action that allows for automatic screenshot, this will help me to automate the process entirely.

One list thing, do you know about RSSmix? This free service allows you to create a super-feed made of individual RSS feeds. I create one with my own RSS feeds: Numeric Citizen RSS feeds. You’ll get all my content in your RSS feed reader. How cool is that?

  1. News Explorer is my go-to RSS reader for all my needs.↩︎

  2. Before NewsExploer, Reeder was my long time RSS reader.↩︎

Meta RSS Newsify Reeder NetNewsWire News Explorer

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