2021-03-02 07:00

Archiving My Content From Micro.blog to Github

This blog post is about explaining a Micro.blog allowing to archive all my blog posts, including images and why I do it.

First, you have to know that Micro.blog already provides an archiving feature of all blog posts to the Internet web archive. You can find mine here. I think it is important because in our society, the durability of the numerical artifacts we create is far from guaranteed. Saving my blog posts outside of Micro.blog is one way to prevent the vanishing of my content if something really bad happens to Micro.blog.

Micro.blog feature to archive my blog posts to a Github repo

I wanted to go further, though. This is where Github comes in. First, I needed to create a new repo: numericcitizien-archives. Next, by using the built-in feature of Micro.blog to archives blog posts to the newly created Github repo. Enabling it is super simple, from the design page settings. Once done and after waiting for about a week, I could see my content from my Github account. You can find it here: https://github.com/jfmartin67/numericcitizen-archives.

Now that my Github repo has a copy of my blog content hosted on Micro.blog, I can use a Git client like Nova on the Mac to clone this repo to my local machine. The archive feature of Micro.blog creates a big index file in HTML format that I can then open in Safari. It’s really nice.

Github Micro.blog Archiving

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