2021-03-17 06:45

Ghost 4 Is Out! so What?

Now at version 4, Ghost, a self-hosting publishing platform, is making some buzz, again. To me, Ghost always looked like a modern version of WordPress. They share many similarities. The close integration of website and newsletters publishing is way better than it is on Substack. I’m thinking, what if I moved my main blog over there? I was tempted once to make a move. Others are discussing why moving from one platform to another might be a bad idea. Matt Birchler:

As I look at this Ghost 4.0 stuff focused on newsletters, my mind naturally goes,”ooh, I could use that, let me switch platforms!”

But the lack of a native mobile client for the iPhone or the iPad was, and still is, a deal-breaker. For an open platform with APIs, it’s surprising no real client exists. Ulysses supports publishing on Ghost, but that isn’t enough. Oh, and those analytics, aren’t they too much?

Ghost 4, lot’s of new stuff, same issue. I’ll pass.

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