2021-03-16 07:00

Cleaning up My WordPress Blog

If you know about WordPress, you probably know how bloated your WordPress site can become with heavy visual themes, and lots of more or less useful plugins installed. Those using WordPress.com for hosting their WordPress website know how pushy WordPress.com can be. They really want you to use WooCommerce or ExactMetrics. I decided to make some spring cleanup this week by removing WooCommerce. Why did I have it set up?

At some point during my early days on WordPress.com, I thought it would be a good idea to allow readers to give me some tips to help me pay my bills. To do so, I used WooCommerce to enable payment options. It appears that readers don’t tip bloggers. I decided to remove the Tips page and disable WooCommerce. The website feels snappier and a bit lighter on the eyes.

I should continue to remove unneeded features. Next up, the footer portion which contains redundant features as well as my sidebar which contains my most recent tweets. They don’t really add value to the content. My main blog is available here: https://numericcitizien.me.

WordPress Plugins

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