2021-03-13 08:45

Editing on the Go Is a Must

This weekend, I’m away from home. I thought I could get away with it and skip editing Blot posts on the go on the iPad. I was wrong. As I wrote at length here, the jury is still out on the best way to achieve this. For now, on the iPad, Working Copy is the best GIT client and Ulysses my preferred text editor. They have to work together.

So, I sat down and cloned the Git repo from Blot to my iPad using Working Copy. It took about a minute to complete. After confirming everything was setup correctly, I created an empty text file with the .md extension in Working Copy. From the Files.app1, I tapped on it, and sure enough, Ulysses was launched. The file is shown in the External Files” section in the library view. The publishing process went smoothly via Working Copy commit followed by a push2.

This blog post was created, edited, previewed and published from my iPad, away from home3. I guess I found a satisfying solution.

  1. Working Copy comes with a storage provider which exposes its sandbox to Files.app.↩︎

  2. When I’ll get back home, I’ll have to update my local repo on my Mac with a pull request with Nova (better than a fetch request, I don’t have any pending changes on my Mac).↩︎

  3. I bought Working Copy in order to be able to preview my post and commit then push to Blot.↩︎

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