2021-03-12 08:45

Writing Is Like Crafting

Writing is not easy. It takes time and efforts. For my latest feature post Craft vs Notion From a Blogger’s Perspective, I cannot stress enough how much efforts it took me to get it out. Is it because English is not my first language? Is it because of the way I start my writing process which is by putting unstructured thoughts and observations in a document? Who knows why?

For this piece, I had but no choice to make it a long process. My writing was dependent on my actual usage and experience with Craft. Each working session with Craft brought new details, new observations or facts. Those were carefully written in no particular order in a Craft document. Moreover, during my evaluation process, updates to Craft were released, posing more challenges. Many of these updates addressing an issue or filling of void in a young and immature (but solid) application that is Craft. My writing had to reflect these improvements.

Eventually, I had to build a story line and reorganized them around it. Sections were needed asking for even more thoughts on how I would write this long piece. Then came the idea of comparing Craft to Notion. Why? Because I was a big fan of Notion before Craft came into my numeric life. I’m still liking Notion, but Craft took over. I had to explain why. It’s all in the details, and those require time to gather. The best way to write about them was to show them in action, requiring even more efforts to put together. I created animated GIFs using the excellent ImgPlay. I had to make choice which detail was worth mentioning.

My article is out now, I feel relieved, and thinking about what comes next.


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