2021-03-01 07:00

The Initial Blot Setup

It all started as an experiment. But now, it’s not. It’s something permanent. In less than a day everything was setup and running. From the setup of the domain name (with GoDaddy) to having an actual site available for browsing. This is the very short story behind setting up Numeric Citizen I/O website with Blot.

Blot’s dashboard page for this blog

My interest in Blot came from the desire to have a better control over the visual appearance on my microblog which is hosted on Micro.blog. Micro.blog supports some customization but it’s too demanding as you have to have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and Hugo templates inner working. Another goal was to own my content.

Blot is a nice solution to my objectives: owning the content, easy visual styling, easy publishing. Blot allows me to keep using my current applications like Craft for initial post writing, Ulysses on the mac which supports Markdown files for editing. I had to select a GIT client to complete my workflow for publishing blog posts.

Opening my account on Blot was super easy. Before going further with any of the Blot settings, configuring my GIT client was mandatory. Cloning the Blot repo on my machine was quick and easy too. Any non fixable issues at this stage would have put the whole initiative in jeopardy.

The Blot settings page for this blog

Next up: setting up analytics, pages structure, support for commenting blog posts, as well as closing a link format. All of this was dead simple to setup. But I wasn’t done yet. Next step was to select a visual theme. I wasn’t satisfied with the available themes, so I asked for support for help as I knew there was other themes available. After describing what I was looking for, the guy behind Blot accepted to bring back one of the theme that was decommissioned (for an unknown reason). In fact, it was the previously available default one. This closed the loop. I’m a happy camper now. I like this theme because it gives a scientific paper” look to this blog and I love it, it feels in line with the blog’s purposes.

Meta Blot GIT Ulysses Craft

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